It's Okay to Talk About Gender: Using Archetypes to Balance Your Team

Gender is a touchy subject. In the U.S., business peoples' historic inability to responsibly discuss gender resulted in a backlash which human resources department also reacted to—with an oversimplified, "we're all the same" message substituting for a deeper, more nuanced discussion of inclusion and equality. 

One of the challenges of gender in the workplace is not just in physical representation of people of both sexes, but an inclusion of the wisdom of both ends of the gender spectrum.

High Feminine

The ideal feminine archetype is that of the queen—the intuitive, socially-attuned, relationship-oriented diplomat and caretaker. She works alongside (not under) her king, informing the direction of the kingdom through awareness of the people.

High Masculine

The ideal masculine archetype is that of the king—the benevolent leader with a clear, unflinching commitment to vision and the ability to learn from advisors while commanding in times of crisis to maintain peace whenever possible.

Low Feminine

The low feminine archetype is the whiny, victim state—being at the affect of a world more powerful than one's self. 

Low Masculine

The low masculine archetype is that of the bully–the state of taking control rather than earning power, yelling rather than listening, and hitting rather than sharing.

Thanks to Jeffrey Van Dyk, Carri Munn and Carol Karmic for hours of useful insights into this topic which informed this section.