Mindshifts for exponential results

Developed by Mark Bonchek, one of Causeit’s closest thought partners, Shift Thinking® is a set of mindshifts for success in the Digital Age.

Shift Thinking expands the capacity for exponential growth and transformative change by helping leaders and teams unlearn outdated mental models and replace them with more powerful ways of thinking. It’s a set of proven thought models that have delivered successful results for companies like Adobe, Kaiser Permanente and Staples.

Causeit has been using Shift Thinking® in our work for nearly a decade, alongside our own futurist insights and thought models for digital innovation. Shift Thinking® and Causeit are both in the business of catalyzing epiphanies for exponential results.

As a founding member of the Shift Thinking Network, Causeit both works on the mental models of Shift Thinking® through our work on the Field Guide to Shift Thinking® and also helps organizations take action on their exponential “AHA!” moments through xShift™, an experience designed to help organizations catalyze exponential thinking to take advantage of exponential technologies.

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