When it becomes clear that enough of the business model and value propositions have been validated, it’s time to create beta products which create real customer value. This process—which necessitates more resources and has real implications for the brand—is made easier by having pre-validated product-market fit in the Design phase. When the beta is done, product-market fit will be validated by real customers and a case for action for scaling a new offering (or the need to pivot) will be apparent.  


  • A Digital Strategy Roadmap (for the domain focused on)
  • A Digital Offering Architecture
  • Digital Business Product Requirements Document and Market Requirements Document:
  • Business Model (validated)
  • Value Propositions (validated)
  • Pilot Tech/Resource Needs and Persona Models (validated)
  • Product Technology Needs
  • Market Environment Summary
  • Concepts for a Scaled Offering

Sample Timeline

  • WEEK ONE: Intake covering known constraints, team, budget and existing progress
  • WEEK TWO: 3-5 day workshop sprint comprised of key stakeholders; architects a pilot and launch plan in a particular domain (eg, creating connected products or creating a new data-driven offering) including partner technologists, IT leaders and brand stakeholders
  • MULTI-MONTH testing of the pilot in the real world, iterated or pivoted as needed, including
    • Strategic partnership kickoffs
    • Regular stand-ups to keep team abreast of pilot progress
  • FINAL WEEK: workshop session to surface learnings and evolve the business model (and creation of any further needed tests) in preparation for scaling of the offering, if applicable

Participants & Resources

  • Decision-makers with awareness of current customers, offerings, budgetary and market constraints
  • Internal, key partner technology stakeholders and strategic distribution partners
  • Resources to create pilots based on learnings from the Design phase, through internal stakeholders and technology partners