Adapt faster and smarter to thrive for decades to come

Expanding the ability to innovate takes fresh, long-view thinking about offerings and business models, plus coordinated capacity-building through team design and culture transformation.

Causeit’s strategic and tactical expertise helps create lasting shifts in attitudes and action across organizations, exponentially increasing your capacity to innovate and evolve.

Evolve business models for a digital world

Multi-sided platforms (MSPs)—the business model behind digital success stories like the iOS and Android ecosystems—enable multiple partners to create customer value while sharing the cost and risk of innovation. Once thought of as being just for software companies, MSPs are now emerging in nearly every industry.

  • Evaluate whether a platform-based model makes sense for you to create or connect to
  • Develop strategies for partnership
  • Design new value propositions
  • Identify next steps for action

Create products & services for the digital future

Causeit’s expertise helps you bridge the gap between analog mindsets and digital opportunities, design new offerings and initiatives, and partner with technologists for rapid scaling.

  • Develop customer personas and use cases
  • Develop a strategic roadmap
  • Design key pilots
  • Keep initiatives aligned with original purpose and vision

Design future-ready teams & organizations

Innovation goes beyond just products and processes. Tomorrow’s challenges and possibilities demand new ways of setting business strategy, making decisions and engaging diverse thinking.

Causeit helps teams and organizations establish best practices for leadership, information sharing, feedback and team design—empowering everyone to bring their full genius to their work.

Causeit supported our team through a complex time. We particularly appreciated their ability to grasp the nuances of the situation, very strong and deep knowledge of team communication techniques, role modeling within their own team and a wide range of skills ranging from strategy to practical approaches. Most importantly, Causeit’s sensitivity during tricky situations allowed us to transform.
— Martine De Weirdt, former member of the SWIFT Global Innovation Team

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