Activate the full potential of your organization

Introduce new ways of setting strategy, making decisions and engaging diverse thinking to respond to tomorrow’s business opportunities.

Get real feedback

Hear what teams are saying about what’s working—and what’s not

Set a course for the future

Create a vision and strategic roadmap so everyone shares the big picture and purpose

Connect personal & professional

Map individual goals and vision onto the company’s path for deeper alignment

Design teams for diverse thinking styles

Work more effectively when everyone knows where to focus and who to collaborate with


Align the organization

Introduce new ways of decision-making and execution to transform stuck spots

Implement collaborative systems

Create living repositories of knowledge on team, product, vision, brand and operations

Create guidelines for improvisation

Document operating principles for empowerment in working together and with customers

Practice & evolve

Create feedback loops for continuous learning and evolution of systems, agreements and norms across the organization


Teams have a new relationship to decision making and a culture of trust in leadership

Mission, Vision & Strategy

Team members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives rally around shared purpose and a have a clear idea of how to create the future together


Collaboration, Excellence & Job Satisfaction

Organizational culture values and practices straight talk with compassion and skillfully manages conflicts, disputes and decision-making roadblocks

Quality & Responsiveness

Cultural and functional systems support teams in doing their best work—both at the edge and at the core of the organization

Causeit supported our team through a complex time. We particularly appreciated their ability to grasp the nuances of the situation, very strong and deep knowledge of team communication techniques, role modeling within their own team and a wide range of skills ranging from strategy to practical approaches. Most importantly, Causeit’s sensitivity during tricky situations allowed us to transform.
— Martine De Weirdt, former member of the SWIFT Global Innovation Team

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