Causeit at Bloomberg Breakaway CEO Summit: "Innovation: Now & Future"
to Jun 21

Causeit at Bloomberg Breakaway CEO Summit: "Innovation: Now & Future"

At Bloomberg Breakaway CEO Summit, MJ Petroni from the Causeit, Inc. team will facilitate a simple but powerful workshop helping leaders reconcile innovation in the present and for the future. Our colleague Mark Bonchek will be hosting the Summit.

"The Breakaway community is united by a shared purpose to achieve breakthrough performance. The Breakaway Summit is a gathering point for the community to acquire new strategies, skills, and perspectives that can transform their organizations while building the peer relationships that make them more effective leaders.

Our theme for Breakaway 2018 is the Paradox of Leadership. We normally think of paradox as requiring a tradeoff between competing objectives. But Breakaway leaders are able to transcend these tradeoffs. They turn the OR into an AND, and in so doing, outpace the competition with exponential results. Today’s Breakaway leaders are able to operate globally and locally, achieve speed and scale, standardize and customize, be high-tech and high-touch, be purpose-driven and profit-minded, and honor the past while they create the future.

The Breakaway Summit agenda will feature in-depth, interactive discussions with business luminaries to provide context on trends shaping the environment; executives who are role models for how to transcend today’s tradeoffs; and thought leaders who will reveal the strategies for achieving breakaway performance."

Bloomberg Breakaway is an invitation-only community by CEOs for CEOs. For more information, go to

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