multi-sided platforms: sharing risk and reward to create new value

Multi-sided platforms (MSPs)—the business model and strategy at the core of digital business successes like the iOS and Android ecosystems—are defined by the choice to provide a central platform which enables partners to create new value on top of it. The cost and risk of innovation is thus shared between very large firms and small, agile developers, and the value provided to customers grows exponentially. How can an MSP stay secure and stable with so many contributors? How is IP and competition managed? Can the MSP model thrive in every industry and domain? Explore these questions and learn how to think about shared risk and value in a new way uniquely suited to digital business innovation.


Creating Cultures of Innovation

Diversity of thought is important to any team, especially when successful innovation is your goal. When you collaborate with people who think like you do, you resonate—becoming a ‘sounding board’ for each other's’ best ideas. When you work with people who think differently than you do, you complement—stretching each other's’ view of a situation to find and sort useful new approaches to a problem. Using the thinking styles model developed by Mark Bonchek and Elisa Steele, leaders can strategically foster innovation by creating teams and thought partnerships that leverage everyone’s “genius zone”.

Full-Spectrum Innovation:
Business Models for the Future

Digital businesses are easy to talk about, but hard to build. In an age of big data, fickle customer bases and previously impossible levels of scale, strategic partnerships are a necessity. What are the broader shifts—from government to user experience—that are enabling successful digital innovation? How can your company tap into the full spectrum of innovation through strategic partnership and multi-sided platforms—without straying from your core organizational DNA?


Who's it for?

  • Organizational leaders and their teams that want to practice new ways of thinking and generate future-ready value propositions and business models
  • Teams looking for advisors to guide them through product launch sprints, keep priorities in sight, or liaison with strategic partners

The Shape of a Workshop

  • 10-15 m presentation
  • Breakout activities
  • Problem space exploration
  • Whole group roundtable
  • Proto-roadmap of problem space/list of questions