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The Future of IoT and the Social Network of Things

Cyborgs and the Social Network of Things

Agency in Innovation

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Multi-Sided Platforms: A New Model for Digital Business

Multi-sided platforms (MSPs)—the business model behind digital success stories like the iOS and Android ecosystems—provide a platform where many partners can create customer value while sharing the cost and risk of innovation. Learn new ways to think about business risk and value, and explore how to handle intellectual property and competition among partners.
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From Automobiles to Automobility: Driverless Cars are Just the Beginning

Experience automobility in tomorrow’s smarter city. With traffic increasingly controlled by countless machine-guided decisions, these cities of the future will rely on securely shared multi-sided platforms to connect many modes of transit (cars, public systems and more) into new networks of mobility.
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Thinking Styles

While there are plenty of tools for understanding personalities, it’s harder to gain insight into how people think and collaborate. Awareness of your individual Thinking Style helps you leverage your strengths and focus your personal development. In relationships, knowing Thinking Styles helps collaborators play to each other’s strengths. And for organizations and teams, Thinking Styles is a quick and practical tool to accelerate collaboration, increase engagement and improve performance.
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Data Ethics in the Digital Age

Data is a hot topic for 21st century government and business, from who owns it to how to monetize it. Smart technology, healthcare breakthroughs and improved security are some benefits of digital data collection and analysis. But how to balance opportunities with risks to privacy and liability? Explore the ethical implications of data as commodity and currency.
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MJ is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and well-spoken futurist. I have worked with him on projects, and with clients, across many industries. Whether Insurance, Finance, Automotive, Manufacturing or digital business transformation in general terms, MJ has always moved the needle. He always impressed me with his ability to apply research and experience to real world business concerns, inspiring me and my clients with new ways of thinking about the future.
— Adam Stephenson, NTT Innovation Institute

About Us

MJ Petroni is the founder of Causeit, a San Francisco–based futurist think tank and innovation consultancy. Since 2006, Causeit has helped bring 21st century opportunities into the core of vision, strategy and culture for hundreds of clients, including Volkswagen, Swift, Google and the Omidyar Foundation. MJ was the Cyborg Anthropologist in Residence for NTT, served as a founding advisor of the Gates Foundation's digital financial platform for poverty alleviation, and is a repeat invitee to the Accenture Tech Vision Advisory Board. MJ is an alumnus of Lewis & Clark College and is currently authoring “Cybiomes: Biology, Technology and Hope.”

Jessica Long is a senior consultant, speaker and strategic researcher with Causeit, a San Francisco–based futurist think tank and innovation consultancy. Her areas of focus include cyborg anthropology, global information exchange, the city as network, user experience and platform thinking. Recent engagements include Daimler China, Volkswagen and NTT. She is a repeat invitee to the Accenture TechVision Advisory Board and participated in the 2016 White House Cancer Moonshot. Jessica studied anthropology, history and education at Smith College and Portland State University.


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