Brand Identity Refresh

In the early stages of our project with you, we will work with you to hone or pivot your key brand identity elements. This includes re/definition of your:

  • Color system

  • Fonts

  • Image treatments (eg, filters and composition guidelines)

This new system will be compiled into your brand sourcebook’s visual communication guide. This sourcebook will be applied to your core website, logo (eg, adjusting colors/fills), etc. and templates.

Messaging Discovery

To help all teams have clarity on tone, audience and core concepts, we’ll work with you to collect and organize your key messages throughout the project. This can include:

  • Statements of purpose

  • Key employee bios

  • Audience definition

  • Word selection guidelines and lexicon

  • Style guide for writing

This new system will be compiled into your brand sourcebook’s written communication guide.

Presentation Template Creation

Given the importance of presentations, we create a robust and flexible presentation template with multiple ‘slide masters’ which can be used for various purposes. This source file will be applied to various content forms as we work with you and iterated as needed. It will encapsulate your brand standards in the form of preset styles and layouts to simplify your ad hoc visual communications with clients.

Marketing Brand Refresh

Marketing brand assets will be updated to match your brand identity standards, including:

  • E-mail marketing templates

  • Headshot image treatments

  • Social media profile background and profile icons/pictures

  • Shareable media templates (eg, quote-over-photo template, etc) to use in social media contexts or placement on third-party sites where you do not have brand control

Infrastructure and Data Layer Architecture

We will design data architecture and infrastructure for your project, including data taxonomies, API strategies, and data supply chains. Additionally we can provide insight into your technology stack assessment and selection.

Marketing Automation + Social Profile Customization

ORBIT strategies can benefit greatly from a combination of human and machine approaches to social media and marketing. We will work with you to select, configure and connect various marketing and social channels with social CRM and marketing automation tools in coordination with your Distribution Team.

Graphic Creation (Diagrams, Icons & Infographics)

Throughout the project, we create vector graphics to visually communicate frequently-used concepts, as well as create ‘hero graphics’ such as key illustrations. We will often be able to efficiently add light animation to these illustrations when they are created in Apple’s Keynote software.

Imagery Selection

Using our extensive image library and our curation sources, we’ll work with you to select key images for your presentations and other visual content throughout the project. Selected imagery will have a consistent, modern aesthetic tailored to your audience.

Presentation/On-Screen PDF

Content is placed into a presentation template and customized with key graphics and images selected for the topic. If applicable, basic textual content is placed on additional slides in the same deck to allow for distribution of lightweight on-screen books akin to the ORBIT book. This presentation serves as the foundation for video voiceovers if applicable.

Rich Text for Web Usage

Web-ready text and a basic image pack are prepared for placement on a CMS like Squarespace and other CMSs or blogging platforms as needed.

Video Interviews, Production and Animation

Presentation and interview content can be turned into compelling videos. We have capabilities to support you through:

  • Storyboarding

  • Recording interviews

  • Webinar setup and web/screen-sharing systems Applying voiceovers

  • Equipment selection

  • Editing of existing footage

  • Advanced animation of key graphics

eBook Production

As mid-form content is distilled, we can create eBooks and other content for semi-specialized platforms like Amazon and the iBooks Store where appropriate. Basic text export to ePub format is included; customized versions for Amazon and the iBooks Store are available.

Web Placement

The Distribution Team will place your content in your CMS and properly configure URLs, images, etc. They will create:

  • A main landing page with key content types displayed in an index-page format with hero images

  • Content summary blocks pull existing posts onto the page or link out to them

  • Content is cross-posted on partner sites (with appropriate context and credit)

Social Content Pack

The Creative Team prepares a collection of assets to aid the Distribution Team. These include:

  • A web-ready copy document for use in e-mail marketing tools

  • Short posts compatible with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, in spreadsheet form, for use with social tools like Buffer