These sessions can be combined with other Causeit offerings individually or incorporated into a Digital Bridge Solution. 

Session One: Our Perspective on the Future (60-90 minutes)

Paradigm Shifts & IT Transformation

Understand how to articulate the larger business case for company-wide transformation and informatics as strategic capability. succinctly justify the strategy recommendations to be made to the board. Explore paradigm shifts of the social age and how they require businesses to commit to smart innovation—and what that means for IT in a digital business context.

Introduction to the Full-Spectrum Innovation Approach

Explore n applied view of innovation as it plays out across the entire value spectrum from culture to company to individual. Walk away with key examples of historical and present-tense innovations which leverage a broad spectrum of innovation types to change their industries—these can inspire, inform and support the creation of strategic plans and partnerships in your own organization. (to be discussed in depth in the next session).

Session Two: Imagining New Value (90-120 minutes)

In a whole-industry context, understand which specific innovations are most accessible to your organization and which are opportunities for partnership. Surface innovation obstacles needing to be addressed and which specific capabilities and platforms can help surmount those obstacles.



Exploration of Key Questions and Dilemmas

Brainstorming session to look at questions raised and plot possible next steps and ten-year perspectives on the innovation spectrum.

Play With Assumptions and Concepts

Catalogue and deconstruct assumptions about the necessary components of your product and industry. Look for true barriers and true opportunity areas using the innovation spectrum as a map to plot findings.

Persona Modeling Exercise

How do we humanize digital business? Persona modeling is a tool that helps us paint a fuller picture of potential customers and get a sense of what they actually need, how they access solutions, and how they choose which solutions are right for them.

Reverse Timeline (2025 to now)

Identify and record the likely milestones for key cultural, business and technological changes in your industry. Identify ideal strategies for digital business transformation and key next steps.