Select clients work with us on a partner level to navigate innovation. We work with them to maintain a course towards the future of their organization and new levels of value—and values-based leadership.

Business Strategy Consulting

We offer concise, actionable coaching, facilitation and decision support to guide you through choices around business model, value proposition, investment, team and other CEO-level discussions.

Team & Culture Alignment

We work deeply with driven teams so that they align around on a compelling destination for the future and chart a path to get there. Because that journey is difficult, we outfit them with the functional and interpersonal tools to have their voyage work.

Actionable Trend Insights:

Our think tank makes key technology and cultural trends understandable and actionable. We provide presentations on the evolving relationship between humans and technology, host discussions focused on the tangible challenges of digitizing your business, and share our notes on trends and shifts in fields we explore and hard-learned lessons on how to survive—and thrive.

We present our research as highly visual narratives with tangible examples of real products, business models, people, talent issues, ethical dilemmas and technologies.

Strategic Partnerships:

Sourcing: We make targeted introductions and invitations to parties who can assist with product/market fit, go-to-market strategy and product implementation issues. While such introductions cannot guarantee a specific result, we will make a good-faith effort to source well-vetted team members to round out your skills and networks.

Structuring: When strategic relationships arise for your organization, we offer assistance to determine the best exchange of time, funds and other resources between strategic advisors/partners and you, including navigation of business models or monetization strategies.

Narrative Development

We help you identify & craft narratives to inspire your teams and attract key clients, partners and investors. These narratives take the form of actionable guidelines through leadership doctrine, values and communications platforms. With them, everyone in your organization can see—and share—where your company is heading and what it’s creating.

Messaging Strategy & Editorial Review

We offer strategic and editorial review of core web, identity, naming, promo/pitch deck and in-app copy describing your offerings and their value. We serve as user advocates and coaches around tone, style and relevance of important communications from your company to customers, end users, partners and investors.