Learn new ways of thinking about the future, apply and share mindshifts & evolve strategies for exponential results

If the future is a horizon marking the limits of our vision, right now we seem to be hurtling towards it with enormous acceleration.

Yet even as the rate and complexity of change are multiplying in all dimensions—economic, social, political, environmental—the innovation curve for most companies remains linear at best. Many look anxiously towards the future, afraid that waves of unpredictable disruption will crash down before they’re ready. 

At Causeit, we believe the best way to prepare for an uncertain future is creating better ones. 

Doing that means shifting old mindsets about what is possible and where value comes from as humans and technology continue to co-evolve in the Digital Age.

Drawing on global futurist perspective and a proven toolkit of mindshifts for innovation, our work shifts attitudes from anxiety about the future to clarity and shared purpose.


Learn new ways to think about the future

Shift mindsets & illuminate opportunities through keynotes and executive briefings


Apply & share mindshifts

Put new ways of thinking & working into action with workshops, coaching & thought partnership


Evolve strategies for exponential results

Transform & scale platforms, offerings & culture through innovation consulting & pilot projects

clients of Causeit
Causeit helped us delve into the market shifts that will change our future generation of workers. We uncovered hidden disruptive ideas for our clients to integrate into their competitive proposition...simply brilliant!
— Andrew Fisher, Dimension Data
MJ helped me craft my vision for my business during a pivotal time of ideation. His and Causeit’s structure still act as an asset to me as I paved an entrepreneurial path. Their modeling activities helped highlight the opportunity and low hanging fruit in the industry I sought to go after. I’d encourage any future thinking entrepreneur to reach out to him.
— RWC Productions (fmr YouTube, Google, AOL)

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