Move new mindsets from ideas into action

Once explorers have scouted out new ideas, it’s crucial to bring them back and share them across the organization so teams can begin translating them from theory into practice.

Causeit helps innovators share new mindshifts across the organization in ways that are clear, relevant and actionable.

Custom workshops give leaders and teams space to explore and apply new ways of thinking and working together. As alignment around vision and direction begin to emerge, key innovators receive support in building the alignment and capacity new initiatives need to succeed.

  • Discover new opportunities for products, offerings and unexplored customer segments
  • Build a culture of innovation focused on new digital products and services
  • Align innovation strategy and practice with long-term shifts in business and technology
  • Create a roadmap to your company’s future

Apply new thinking to real-world business problems

Highly interactive workshops are designed to generate insights about new value propositions and business models. Through guided excursions into the future of your industry, teams learn and practice new ways of responding to tomorrow’s business challenges and opportunities.


Popular Topics

Multi-Sided Platforms: A New Model for Digital Business

Multi-sided platforms (MSPs)—the business model behind digital success stories like the iOS and Android ecosystems—provide a platform where many partners can create customer value while sharing the cost and risk of innovation. Learn new ways to think about business risk and value, and explore how to handle intellectual property and competition among partners.
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Thinking Styles

While there are plenty of tools for understanding personalities, it’s harder to gain insight into how people think and collaborate. Awareness of your individual Thinking Style helps you leverage your strengths and focus your personal development. In relationships, knowing Thinking Styles helps collaborators play to each other’s strengths. And for organizations and teams, Thinking Styles is a quick and practical tool to accelerate collaboration, increase engagement and improve performance.
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From Automobiles to Automobility: Driverless Cars are Just the Beginning

Experience automobility in tomorrow’s smarter city. With traffic increasingly controlled by countless machine-guided decisions, these cities of the future will rely on securely shared multi-sided platforms to connect many modes of transit (cars, public systems and more) into new networks of mobility.
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Data Ethics in the Digital Age

Data is a hot topic for 21st century government and business, from who owns it to how to monetize it. Smart technology, healthcare breakthroughs and improved security are some benefits of digital data collection and analysis. But how to balance opportunities with risks to privacy and liability? Explore the ethical implications of data as commodity and currency.
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Strategic support & inspiration for innovation leaders

Causeit helps innovation leaders and teams navigate the human and strategic complexities of digital innovation through coaching and thought partnership—the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas and experience to help all partners navigate complex challenges.

  • Increase capabilities in management and leadership
  • Gain clarity on business models, key decisions, strategic direction, roles
  • Upgrade culture, accountability and confidence
  • Manage pilot projects over time

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