One of the biggest challenges that innovators face is pitching new ideas to stakeholders, potential partners, and decision-makers. To secure funding and support for new projects, innovators must tell a story that highlights potential for new value, explains how the idea fits into the company’s long-term strategy, and clearly attends to potential business models, risks and resource needs.

How can you create and tell stories that do all that without losing the excitement and creative spark that makes your idea truly shine? Learn to use innovation theory, futurism, digital business thought models, and simple storytelling tools to inspire and enroll even the most skeptical stakeholders.

Storytelling for Innovators Workshop

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for teams and executives who are tasked with presenting potential areas of innovation to diverse stakeholders.

  • Executives responsible for strategy and/or investment decisions

  • Innovation teams

  • Organizers of strategic partnerships

  • Sales leaders and consultants who support innovation efforts in client companies



  • Acquire new ways of thinking and talking about innovation that “click” with a broad range of audiences
  • Use thought models and visual tools to show how individual innovations fit into your company’s long-term strategy
  • Practice using templated design thinking processes to create value propositions and business models for your ideas
  • Learn how innovation narratives provide structure for conversations about investment, risk and opportunity beyond individual projects or teams


  • Half day to two days
  • Four to six weeks of follow-up content (optional)