Causeit’s futurist keynotes and performances explore the paradigm shifts and new models which will likely shape the next five to fifty years. We travel globally to industry events, innovation summits, and gatherings of thought leaders—inviting our audiences to see beyond trends and offering tools to fundamentally change the way you think about the future, and your role in it.

MJ is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and well-spoken futurist. I have worked with him on projects, and with clients, across many industries. Whether Insurance, Finance, Automotive, Manufacturing or digital business transformation in general terms, MJ has always moved the needle. He always impressed me with his ability to apply research and experience to real world business concerns, inspiring me and my clients with new ways of thinking about the future.
— Adam Stephenson, NTT Innovation Institute


Agency in Innovation

How can businesses create an innovative workplace? MJ Petroni talks building rapport, credibility, possibility and alignment in your organization.

The Future of IoT and the Social Network of Things

An interview with MJ at the TIA conference exploring the The Social Network of Things as the next evolution of The Internet of Things.

Cyborgs and the Social Network of Things

What is the future of humans and their relationship to technology? How will machines relate to other machines? 

Speaking Topics

The Social Network of Things: The Internet of Things Evolved

Explore what happens as the Internet of Things trends toward devices imbued with artificial intelligence and decision-making abilities. Learn about impacts on culture, business strategy, ethics and talent in a world where our devices have their own social networks. You can read the Social Network of Things chapter in our Field Guide to Creating Cultures of Innovation.

From Automobiles to Automobility: Driverless Cars are Just the Beginning

Experience what it’s like to traverse a smarter city, revealing the countless machine-guided decisions and connections needed for automobility. These cities of the future may require creation of secure, common multisided platforms, connecting many modes of transit (cars, public systems and more) into new networks of mobility. Read Digital Platforms for Automobility.

Full-Spectrum Innovation

Digital businesses are easy to talk about, but hard to build. In an age of big data, fickle customer bases and previously impossible levels of scale, strategic partnerships are a necessity. How can your company tap into the full spectrum of innovation through strategic partnership and multi-sided platforms—without straying from your core organizational DNA? You can read the chapter about Full-Spectrum Innovation in our Field Guide to Creating Cultures of Innovation.

Agency in Innovation: The Relationship Between Power and Possibility

Once the glow of an “aha!” moment fades, the potential of innovative new offerings is often undermined by organizational power dynamics. In this exploration, we explore how team relationships of “power over” or “power under” can be transformed into alignment, or “power with.” The ongoing practice of creating alignment around a big vision—rather than acquiescing to or rebelling against what the leadership says—is vital to getting ideas into the real world. You can read Agency in Innovation in our Field Guide to Creating Cultures of Innovation.

Digital Financial Platforms: The Evolution of Personal Finance

While society has changed markedly through globalization and the astounding breakthroughs of the information age, our financial systems are still largely rooted in the paradigms and toolsets of the late industrial age. Whether because of regulation or complexity, many financial institutions have not yet tapped into the transformative potential of digital platforms—but disruptive startups have. You can read Digital Financial Platforms: The Evolution of Personal Finance in the Field Guide to Creating Cultures of Innovation.

About Us

MJ Petroni is a cyborg anthropologist, strategist, and researcher focused on the intersection of humans and technology. He's the founder of Causeit, Inc., an innovation consultancy and futurist think tank based in San Francisco and Portland, where he and his colleagues have helped 350+ companies develop new strategies, cultures, and narratives for the future. He is a total nerd for exploring the intersection of authentic human connections, business and technology—and it is this passion which inspires him to fly all over the planet having mind-stretching conversations and attending thought leadership summits. MJ is the Cyborg Anthropologist in Residence for NTT, a member of Accenture's Tech Vision Advisory Board, and advises several startups.

Jessica Long is a consultant, speaker, and researcher with Causeit. Inc. focused on technology's potential to improve human lives. During her seven years with Causeit, she has helped global telecoms talk clearly about why their R&D agenda is important to the real world, inspired traditional enterprises to think about how millennials might relate differently to their offerings, and taught small, scrappy startups how to build a compelling brand and do targeted user testing on a tight timeline and an even tighter budget. Her recent projects include work with Dimension Data, RSA, Accenture, and the White House Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

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