First Round Capital's Fall Party: Who's-Who

Causeit, Inc. had a blast at First Round Capital's [@firstround] Fall Party at 230 5th in NYC. We met a lot of great folks—and enjoyed showing off our project company Fliptography's event entertainment. 

Our first sampling of the many interesting companies we met:


Socialbomb provides an API for the social web, and helps companies engage their audience, advocate their brand, and measure their social success. Read more on their site.


Knewco's KnowNow! is a Content Discovery bubble that delivers semantically relevant links from your website to your readers, along with rich related content, video, and shopping choices, all without leaving the page.

CJ Jouhal

CJ is a bright and engaging entrepreneur and technology strategist. He works with companies needing direction and expertise when selecting technology solutions. Are you an e-commerce-dependent business but know little (or care little) about e-commerce? CJ can help you. Find out more at

Tag Man

The crew from Tag Man was there for the event—all the way from the UK—and excitedly explaining their tag-consolidation software. If you create dynamic, data-driven and higlhy-analyzed sites needing a container supertag to decrease load times while increasing efficiency and reliability, check them out. If not, you'll probably end up using a site powered by their software without knowing it. 

We're running a million miles an hour today with all of the great contacts we made, so we'll add more to the post later!