New Vision, New Communities, New Offerings

Matt and I just spent the day in retreat to do what we always ask our clients to do: work on our business, and not just in it. 

Our new vision:

Causeit, Inc. is committed that human beings realize their full potential.
  • We cause loving, powerful teams. 
  • We work with technology which amplifies and 
extends human capacity.  
  • We help humankind experience higher consciousness through awareness of our profound connection with others. 
Through our life-long work, we contribute to a world where people are loving, connected, effective and peaceful.
Our Values
  • We are committed to the transformation of the individual in all aspects of their lives. 
  • We live lives of service and work with people who contribute to the world. 
  • We are committed that our clients and their teams 
are unstoppable. 
  • We are committed to individuals being responsible for their lives. 
  • Our conversations are about what works or doesn't work in service of world-changing, important visions. We don't dwell in the old paradigms of right/wrong, good/bad, blame, fault, guilt or shame. 
  • We know that our clients are able to cause any result they want for themselves, their communities, and the world. 
  • We are committed that people know themselves as 
perfect just as they are. 
  • We love all people.

In the coming year, stay tuned for great new changes: 


Causeit will be hosting CauseTalks, a showcase series of powerful, succinct, community-sourced meetups about everything from the architecture of teams to diversity to transformational communication. All that cool stuff we're always telling you about? We'll bring it to our new community space in Southeast Portland and will podcast it (and maybe even vodcast it) for you, as well as provide whitepapers online.

New offerings

Causeit will be unveiling new offerings in the realms of team development, cyborg anthropology, content strategy and community-building. They're top-secret for the time being, but we'll tell you more soon.