Divisive Language

Of the ten virtuous act spoken of in Buddhism, 
four are verbal: not to lie, not to engage in divisive talk,
not to speak harsh words, and not to engage in frivolous conversation.

 —The 14th Dalai Lama

In business, it's often easy to focus on what we perceive to be broken or wrong. Instead of focusing on what's wrong, try looking at what works and what could work better. From that lens, what might transform in you conversations with other team members? What could you acknowledge them for producing?

There is a value of the Causeit vision which seems quite apropos to His Holiness' comments. In a recent retreat, we declared: 

Our conversations are about works or what doesn't work in servive of profoundly important visions; we don't dwell in the old paradigms of right/wrong, good/bad, blame, fault, guilt or shame.

What could you adopt in your organization to build consensus around a value of generous, compassionate communication that also produces the results you're committed to?