Mind to Matter: twelve weeks to launch your action plan for work-life balance

Causeit announces a new series focused on creating work-life balance facilitated by Carri Munn and Matthew Koren.

 For twelve weeks starting on July 16th, participants will clarify their purpose, define their visions, and then form a clear plan to fulfill on their goals. Designed to balance skill-building with leadership development practice, sessions will alternate between Causeit-facilitated workshops and peer-led discussion, where participants will have the chance to practice through valuable assignments.

"The intention of this new program is to broaden our reach to audiences   who prefer to work in groups rather than 1-on-1 with us. I usually have more fun collaboratively as well, so facilitating this program with Carri will be a pleasure."        -Matthew Koren

Are you ready to engage your life and work in a whole new way? Click here to find out more about the series, Coaches Matt Koren and Carri Munn, and what tangible tools you’ll take away to turn your vision into a reality.