"See the attached cash…": Gmail Adds Money Transfer for More and More Users

This may not be news for some of our tech-savvy readers—or those too jaded to be surprised. But the average Gmail user, a "wait, wha??!" response might be to be expected as Google rolls out yet another killer feature for their Gmail suite: money as an attachment. For Gmail users with a Google Wallet account (or who can open one), now sending money as as easy as attaching an image to your email

The feature itself is not too technically complex, but it's an indication of a key trend of aggregation in the business world. As companies like Google aggregate tons of features into unified platforms, users begin to see advances in functionality far beyond just feature tweaks, because bundling of services and infrastructure which used to be separate (as with this Google aggregation of online wallet functions + transfer functions + email + payment reminders + fraud prevention + credit card processing, for example) makes Google's offering far more appealing than, say, PayPal or a proprietary bank system.