Sharing on Flipboard

What is Flipboard?


Flipboard aggregates articles from social media and other web sources and displays them in a magazine-like format. It is designed for elegant presentation on the web and mobile devices.


Flipping into a Magazine

There are two ways to "flip" interesting articles you find into your own Magazine.

Articles Found on the Web


Get the Flipboard bookmarklet or Chrome extension to easily save articles you find browsing the web to a Flipboard magazine.

Articles Found on Flipboard


Within Flipboard, hover over the thumbnail of the article and click the red plus button to "Flip" the article into a magazine.

Co-Curating Flipboard Magazines


Easily invite others in your organization to collaborate on a Flipboard Magazine. From your profile, hover over a magazine and select Edit. Then choose Invite People to Contribute.


Cross-posting with Flipboard


On flipboard, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, or email by clicking the envelope icon. Share individual articles or an entire Flipboard magazine.

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Cover image: Marek Wylamowski (cc)