Three Tips for Sharing Articles via Email

1. Gather Articles using Pocket or Evernote Web Clipper

Pocket and Evernote Web Clipper are programs that run in your web browser that allow a one-click method to save articles you think you'll share later. Both Pocket and Evernote web clipper allow you to add tags to saved articles. At Causeit, we use tags to categorize articles by our orbits (is this article relevant to our partners in the automotive industry? Would it appeal to futurists?)

2. Explain why you are sharing

Always provide background as to why you're sharing this article. Starting with "This article seemed relevant to our recent conversation about..." is a great way to start the discussion.

3. Maximize the Potential for Email Forwarding

Your thought partner may want to share the article with their own network. Make it easy for them by writing the email in a way that makes it appropriate to forward. Leave out any personal comments you or your thought partner would feel uncomfortable passing on to their network.