Rebel Jam 2015 Re-Cap: Watch the Social Network of Things Live Presentation

On Friday June 26th, Causeit CEO MJ Petroni and consultant Jessica Long moderated and presented at Rebel Jam 2015. Rebel Jam is a 24 hour webcast organized by Corporate Rebels United, Rebels at Work, and Change Agents Worldwide. The webcast hosted speakers from across the globe who discussed their investment in creating positive change and innovation in the structure of business. Listeners were encouraged to participate in the webcast with questions and comments at the end of each presentation.

MJ Petroni spoke about Cyborgs and the Social Network of Things. He covered shifts that are happening in the workplace, as we move from the era of the Internet of Things to the Social Network of Things, and looking to the future beyond.

Click to view MJ’s presentation and live voiceover. If you did not participate in the webcast, you will have to fill out a brief registration through WebEx. 

Also included, you can read an article about the Social Network of Things as well view the full presentation video