Crafting an Effective Company Narrative — Interview with Mark Bonchek

Mark Bonchek explains why old methods of branding based on pushing product features and benefits are no longer effective, and how companies need to pay attention to the entire narrative of their company.


In the past the story or narrative of a company was really about its products and why its products are good and whatever it kind of wanted to put as a good public face. It was really just about who they wanted to be and who they wanted you to believe them to be. But that really doesn’t work anymore because companies are a lot like people now. And if you think about when you sit down to get to know someone, you aren’t really satisfied if they just kind of tell you who they are. You want to know more about them, like okay if you tell me you’re an artist I want to know, well... where did you go to school? What kind of art do you do? What have you done in the past? What are you working on now? What kinds of things are you planning to work on? I want to know the whole story. Or when you interview a candidate — it’s not enough to just know what job they want to do with you, you want to know where they worked, you want to know where they went to school, you want to understand the through-line of what ties their career together. That’s the direction that the story or narrative for a company or a brand needs to go.