Empowering through Leadership, Not Control — Interview with Mark Bonchek

Mark Bonchek describes how true leadership comes from empowering individuals with the tools, guidance, and confidence they need to succeed.


The nature of leadership is changing quite fundamentally with all of these other changes that are happening. It’s about arming people, or empowering them, with the tools that they need, with the guidance that they need, with the confidence that they need to make decisions and to take action effectively without having to run something up the chain of command and have approval or permissions, and distributing the decision-making, distributing the center of gravity, if you will, to the edges of the organization. And you see that a lot with the discussions that are happening now around Gen Y, where some of it becomes about what the attitudes of the generation are, but Gen Y is really kind of the tip of the iceberg, if you will, that the other generations are going to start to catch on to this and it really is a sea change, it’s not just about the attitudes of Gen Y, that people overall are looking to be empowered, and the most effective leaders are going to be those who do empower them and look past whatever the generational differences are, into a new way of working.