Executive Team Alignment Process™

A new context for teams and decision-making.

Your executive team is the core of your business operations. Whatever works at the core radiates through the entirety of the organization—and whatever doesn't becomes magnified through layers of misaligned leadership. 

Causeit, Inc. offers an Executive Team Alignment Process (ExecuTAP™) for partners, boards or organizational units. This process involves an interview of all team members and facilitated sessions for the alignment of the decision-making processes of the team. 

The outcomes of this facilitated training process include: 

  • A new relationship to decision-making: the distinction of alignment (rather than settling, compromise or sabotage)
  • Straight-talk with compassion and permission
  • A sense of trust in the leadership of the business and between business partners
  • A clear path for managing conflicts, disputes and decision-making roadblocks
  • A clear mission, vision and primary aim for the business, developed after the distinction of alignment has been chosen by the group as their decision-making model
  • Clear primary objectives and next steps for the growth, expansion and/or transition of the business

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ExecuTAP™ is a registered trademark of Kierson Consulting, LLC and is used with permission.