Portfolio Content

Causeit regularly publishes content to the web and through partner channels. Much of our content is displayed in the form of a modern, responsive website. In the future, we will be integrating more animation and interactivity as web standards allow, starting with a microsite and assessment tool for cultivating diverse thinking styles. Until then, find a listing of key articles below:


Agency in Innovation

In this exploration, we delve into how team relationships of “power over” or “power under” can be transformed into alignment, or “power with.” The ongoing practice of creating alignment around a big vision—rather than acquiescing to or rebelling against what the leadership says—is vital to getting ideas into the real world.

Being a Thought Partner

The web and innovation culture have given us access to countless ‘thought leaders’ and inspired us with bold new ways of thinking about what’s possible. Now, organizations and individuals are looking to one another for conversations that help them turn inspiration into strategy.

Cybersecurity for the Digital Age

In a collaboration with NTT Group, Causeit has produced a narrative of the future of cybersecurity: the transformation of risk management, shifting security from a disabler of progress to an enabler of innovation.

Cyborgs and the Social Network of Things

Machines, like humans, have their own relationships.

Data Ethics: Informed Consent and Data in Motion

Preventing unintended consequences through stronger data ethics.

Designing Innovation Teams for Success

To design creative, results-driven teams, look to nature for inspiration.

Digital Financial Platforms

While society has changed markedly through globalization and the astounding breakthroughs of the information age, our financial systems are still largely rooted in the paradigms and toolsets of the late industrial age. Whether because of regulation or complexity, many financial institutions have not yet tapped into the transformative potential of digital platforms—but disruptive startups have.

Digital Platforms for Automobility

From Cars to Automobility: Technology’s Promises for Transportation.

Full-Spectrum Innovation

Full-Spectrum Innovation is the idea of creating value in every possible place—from culture & society down to end users of a product, service, or platform.

Multi-Sided Platforms

In this new age, traditional business models, based on a company’s production and sale of a singular product or suite of products, are becoming increasingly outdated. Forward-thinking companies are aware of this, and seek to shift away form a product-centric mindset, in favor of a more platform-centric one, but often don’t know where to begin.

Seasons of Innovation

Conceiving of new value and collaboration through the cycles of nature.