Jessica Long causes breakthroughs by illuminating what’s hidden in plain sight.
Jessica Long

Jessica Long

As Chief Empowerment Officer, Jessica is at the head of Shift’s certification program and learning design. She works with Shift clients in her role as a guide of Shift Expeditions, helping them integrate new mental models into their organizations’ workstreams.

Since 2009, Jessica Long has been a senior consultant, speaker and strategic researcher with Causeit, a San Francisco–based futurist think tank and platform business designer focused on the intersection of humans and technology. Her areas of focus include cyborg anthropology, global information exchange, the city as network, user experience and platform thinking. Recent client successes include projects with Daimler China, Volkswagen and NTT. Jessica is a repeat invitee to the Accenture TechVision Advisory Board and participated in the 2016 White House Cancer Moonshot. She studied anthropology, history and education at Smith College and Portland State University.

With experience as a digital native and global citizen, expertise in research and a natural talent for systems thinking, Jessica is a valuable correspondent and advisor in domains where humans and technology interact.


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