A story about collaboration, innovation, and possibility

Introduction by Matthew Gyde
Group Executive, Security at Dimension Data

Welcome to our primer on the future of cybersecurity as an enabler of innovation. I promise it isn’t just another dry trend report about security in the digital world – there’s a very good chance you won’t fall asleep while reading it – and you’ll get to explore some real-world examples of near-future technologies that could directly impact how you integrate security into your digital world.

This exploration began with the Dimension Data Security team’s annual conference, where we came together to exchange ideas, understand trends, and update our strategy for the coming year. From this meeting it was patently obvious that the security industry is moving incredibly fast and we need to move with it. It was critical that we not only understand the here and now in the security industry, but where it could go in two years, five years, and even further into the future.

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Soon after the conference, I was introduced to MJ Petroni and the Causeit team’s innovative work in other areas of NTT; the timing couldn’t have been better. Dimension Data decided to partner with Causeit to put together a futurist book, and I think the story behind it is an important one about collaboration and innovation.

After months of dialogue and research – and the comedy of trying to schedule meetings for a distributed team in two organisations and four continents – this book is the result of us working together to explore the future of cybersecurity from a new perspective. The ideas and case studies here reflect what I believe is driving innovation within the security industry, and some of the changes I expect to see in the very near future.

Digitisation is driving many of the changes we’re seeing in security, and we have to move from device sales to outcome management to partner with our clients on the journey of digital transformation. The security paradigm has to be reviewed, renewed, and re-enacted to shift away from fear-based to opportunity-based, allowing cybersecurity to provide new value as an enablement tool for businesses and consumers alike.

We’re acknowledging that while everyone needs security, no one likes to live in fear. If we accept the requirement that business and consumers need to evolve, then we as security professionals and as an industry, need to do so as well. For me personally, the most exciting thing about this paradigm shift is that cybersecurity truly does become an enabler of business, of lifestyle, of healthcare, and of a better society. And as a leader in the industry, I feel really good about that.

Enjoy the read,

Matthew Gyde
Group Executive, Security
Dimension Data