The Phases of Execution

Formulation: Idea

Inventing an idea and holding it mentally. Formulation ends when the commitment is in place to go ahead and it is time to take the idea to the organization to implement .

Manifestation: First Steps

A clear appearance in material form. Manifestation ends when the organization has fully settled on the new focus and results are beginning to show up. 

Realization: Business as Usual

Something made real or concrete, moving into 'business as usual.' This phase ends when the idea or thing is declining in utility and/or no longer keeping up with its environment.

Culmination: Completion

A final, climactic stage. Culmination ends when there are no more actions to take to finish a project or idea, and often occurs while the next formulation period is materializing.


Future explorations:

  • Discussion of nuances of this model as overlapping, rather than strictly linear
  • The benefits of declaring state shifts and who is accountable for each shift