Aww, Shucks—We Love You, Too, Innotribe!

One of our clients, Innotribe (the internal innovation team at SWIFT) has left a couple of recommendations. While most of them landed on my LinkedIn profile, they're representative of the work Causeit's whole team did with Innotribe as they went through transitions in focus and strategic direction. Of course, their biggest endorsement was bestowing upon us the honor of speaking at Sibos, but you can't see that talk yet, so here we go. It always makes us blush a bit to hear good words from our clients, but we were always taught to take a compliment…

In his work coaching for my team MJ [and Causeit] showed a clear ability to understand the challenges of executives, managers and the larger team and assist in translation between them. He is equipped with a multidisciplinary skillset which allows for work both on the communication dynamics of the team and functional implementation of strategy. His understanding of how to assist organizations moving from old, hierarchical models of leadership to new, more networked models [by introducing feedback loops and professionally-appropriate transparency] was instrumental in us achieving our goal. I benefited particularly from the practical, useful coaching for communication skills in a challenging business environment.
— Nektario Liolios, Innovation Leader at SWIFT
MJ and his company have coached my team to achieve better strategic alignment and operational efficiency. This was achieved through a two-day retreat where MJ’s and mine team were together, followed by one to one coaching on Skype/phone with individual team members though a period of four months. MJ’s personal drive and commitment contributed to the success of the overall endeavour.
— Kosta Peric, Head of Innovation at SWIFT
MJ supported our team through a complex situation. We particularly appreciated his ability to grasp all nuances of what was going on, his very strong and deep knowledge of team communication techniques, his role modelling with his own team, his wide range of skills ranging from strategy to practical and his pragmatic approaches, as well as his energy and drive coupled with a sensitivity during tricky situations.
— Martine De Weirdt, Innovation Leader at SWIFT