Can Innovation Drive Transformation? Our Intention for Wisdom 2.0

This week, Causeit's team (and our friends Jeffrey Van Dyk, Monique Svazlian and Mariposa Leadership) will be attending Wisdom 2.0, an innovative conference created by Soren Gordhammer and others in his tribe to help transform the conversation of what it means to work—especially in technology. The conference's site speaks for itself, but we thought we'd share a bit about our own intention for wisdom, mindfulness and innovation in a 60-second video. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts about how the need for innovation in business can be harnessed to drive transformation as well:   

There’s a new world of organizations now. The disruptive startup scene and the Googles of the world represent an important shift from hierarchy to network. In this new model for how people connect, wisdom is more important than ever.

Our clients and colleagues face a fiercely-competitive business landscape which constantly demands ‘change.’ In this environment, the temptation towards shallow, raw, real-time information is strong, while it might seem there isn’t time for deep, nuanced consideration and critical thinking.

We invite you to join us in exploring this new, hyper-connected world. How do we broaden demand for innovation to include culture as well as product, people as well as business models—while still meeting real business objectives? How do we use this transition from hierarchy to network to be both more connected and more meaningfully effective—to become more human, rather than less?
Martine De Weirdt, Jeffrey Van Dyk and MJ Petroni at a Wisdom 2.0 Summit 2012 dance party. 

Martine De Weirdt, Jeffrey Van Dyk and MJ Petroni at a Wisdom 2.0 Summit 2012 dance party.