How Branding is Moving from Push to Pull — Interview with Mark Bonchek

Mark Bonchek describes how brand messaging can no longer be about simple persuasion but about mutually beneficial reciprocal relationships.


In the past, influence was really a function of persuasion. What’s happening now is that we have a basis for a mutual, reciprocal relationship, so the nature of influence is changing from push to pull. So the challenge becomes how to create that kind of attraction, how do you create that kind of pull that is going to bring people into what you’re doing? An early effort of this was kind of inbound marketing or content marketing where you create things that have value for people in and of themselves, but there’s a much richer view now that's emerging in terms of how to create attraction and it ranges everywhere from having a kind of shared purpose that people can feel aligned with, to the design of engagement platforms that give people an ongoing way of connecting with you as a brand, to these kind of social currencies that people are exchanging in their communities that you are almost able to make a market in and provide to people so that it creates this orbit around your brand. So the shift from push to pull is really a fundamental change in the nature of influence.