Highlights from Causeit at RSA 2016

Last week we were excited to attend and present at RSA, the global security conference where 40,000 security geeks descended into the San Francisco bay area to discuss the future of staying safe in an increasingly interconnected world.

RSA 2016 conference floor

MJ Petroni and Jessica Long led a workshop in persona modeling, working with IT security scholars to envision the future of self-driving cars and automated transportation solutions.

We also had the privilege to speak at a panel entitled Law and Ethics in the Cyborg Age, moderated by Rita Heimes, Research Director at the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

In this session, we examined hypothetical scenarios of liability of the digital future, such as

who's responsible when: 

  • machines make decisions on their own 
  • implants like pacemakers are hacking threats
  • when software updates are a matter of life or death
When we consider people who are getting implants like internet-connected pacemakers, do we give informed consent? Do people understand the implications of what they’re saying yes to? Who’s liable if it’s hacked?
— MJ Petroni, at the Law and Ethics in the Cyborg Age Panel, RSA 2016

I got a chance to hand over the camera and get a picture of the three of us, post-panel discussion:

Stay tuned in the coming days for interviews and presentation content from our sessions at RSA.

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