Social Network of Things

Thread? Weave? Brillo? What's Google up to in IoT?

Thread? Weave? Brillo? What's Google up to in IoT?

Recently, we've been getting asked about the differences between many different IoT standards. One of the biggest players is Google—and they've been approaching the world of IoT on many, many fronts. Their early investment in Nest placed them firmly at the front of the pack for the current wave of home automation. But Google has also been working on IoT backbones for many developers to use, in three key ways:

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We read a lot. So we ate our own dog food and got serious about focusing our own information diets—and sharing habits—in service of what our clients are really into. 

Take a look at our magazines on Flipboard (which you can find under the research tab of our website or by clicking here: to see what we've been reading. 

Cleantech Forum SF 2015 (Running Notes)

So far, a great day here at the Cleantech Forum 2015. I'm seeing lots of great startups and committed corporates trying to connect the dots between old-school energy issues and new-school, software-driven solutions.

I've attached a few sketches of the problem spaces from the sessions for your commentary, and I look forward to reporting back with more tomorrow!

The Social Network of Things - MJ unpacks the core ideas of the SNT in this recent interview with TIA

During his recent visit to talk with members of the Telecom Industry Association, MJ was interviewed about cyborg anthropology, digital business platforms, innovation and the Social Network of Things. In this nine minute video, he unpacks some of the core concepts, opportunities and challenges that we are engaging with in our current work:

  • What is the Social Network of Things, and why is it important?
  • What does it mean to move from IT as a utility to informatics as a capability?
  • How do shifts in how technology is used—and what it's capable of—change the way companies do business with each other and with their customers?

Everyday Robots and the Social Network of Things

Everyday Robots and the Social Network of Things

Damon Albarn, famed for his frontman role in the bands Blur and Gorillaz, released this great music video "Everyday Robots" a few months ago. The lyrics provide a subtle and powerful critique of our relationship with technology and were a great soundtrack as our team crafted Cyborgs and The Social Network of Things, a visual guide to our progression from the information age and the Internet of Things (IoT) towards what might be called an age of cyborgs. You can read more about the Cyborgs and the Social Network of Things here on the Causeit site.