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Apple's Reintermediation of Smartphones: The iPhone as a Service

Apple's Reintermediation of Smartphones: The iPhone as a Service

With Apple's recent announcement of their direct sales of not just smartphones, but phone & plan bundles, mainstream customers are about to experience a big, visible change in mobile business models. While lots of articles do a great job comparing Apple's new iPhone Upgrade Plan to similar carrier-specific offerings, there's another issue at hand behind the scenes as Apple closes the loop of the iPhone experience.

The Social Network of Things - MJ unpacks the core ideas of the SNT in this recent interview with TIA

During his recent visit to talk with members of the Telecom Industry Association, MJ was interviewed about cyborg anthropology, digital business platforms, innovation and the Social Network of Things. In this nine minute video, he unpacks some of the core concepts, opportunities and challenges that we are engaging with in our current work:

  • What is the Social Network of Things, and why is it important?
  • What does it mean to move from IT as a utility to informatics as a capability?
  • How do shifts in how technology is used—and what it's capable of—change the way companies do business with each other and with their customers?