jessica long

The Social Network of Things - MJ unpacks the core ideas of the SNT in this recent interview with TIA

During his recent visit to talk with members of the Telecom Industry Association, MJ was interviewed about cyborg anthropology, digital business platforms, innovation and the Social Network of Things. In this nine minute video, he unpacks some of the core concepts, opportunities and challenges that we are engaging with in our current work:

  • What is the Social Network of Things, and why is it important?
  • What does it mean to move from IT as a utility to informatics as a capability?
  • How do shifts in how technology is used—and what it's capable of—change the way companies do business with each other and with their customers?

Moving from Hierarchies to Networks: Creating Feedback Loops [online session November 7, 2013]

Smart innovation relies upon information and collaboration to steer it in the right direction, and innovative organizations need to be great at exchanging ideas and opinions among their own departments as well as with their customers and strategic partners. Feedback loops are a straightforward way to invite, collect, and broadcast collective wisdom and put it to good use making better stuff in smarter ways.