Purple Beach

Purple Beach day one was something like this:

I'm at the Purple Beach Conference in London for the next few days—talking and listening and dancing and getting fired up about People Innovation. I've already captured some great content and inspiration for our Field Guide on Cultures of Innovation. Check out this video sampler of today's adventure: 

Moving from Hierarchies to Networks: Creating Feedback Loops [online session November 7, 2013]

Smart innovation relies upon information and collaboration to steer it in the right direction, and innovative organizations need to be great at exchanging ideas and opinions among their own departments as well as with their customers and strategic partners. Feedback loops are a straightforward way to invite, collect, and broadcast collective wisdom and put it to good use making better stuff in smarter ways.

Moving from Hierarchies to Networks: Creating Feedback Loops [EVENT 23 July]

Causeit's Principal, MJ Petroni, will be facilitating an interactive PurpleBeach  Talking Heads session on the future of leadership and teams. We'll be going through an exploration of feedback loops in three important pillars (teams, clients and industry) and then will collaborate in breakout groups for a quick challenge: how can you create a useful, cost-effective and sustainable feedback loop in under 90 days?