Caring: The Missing Ingredient

I think the biggest missing ingredient for leaders is caring. At some point along the line, they stop caring—about their teams, about the company, about their customers, and it becomes a matter of just executing actions. I think when leaders reconnect with why they're doing what they're doing, the difference that it makes in the world and allow themselves to open their mind and their heart and take action based on those, that's when things really start to happen. Because it becomes inviting to people. That's what becomes open and transparent.

Ars Technica Releases Excellent Critique of McCain Technology Policy

Ars Technica has released a comprehensive evaluation of McCain's technology policies. Check it out and research Net Neutrality, RIAA War and Sharing and other issues. In contrast, Ars Technica also reviewed Obama's technology policy, which includes provisions for more equitable access to high-speed internet in economically depressed areas and highly ambitious reform plans for our nation's technology infrastructure and government use of technology—including transparency provisions.

McCain's Tech Policy

Obama's Tech Policy