Phase 1: Set a Course for Action with Senior Leadership

Causeit works with senior leadership to understand existing strategy for the organization, known issues within the team and current business models, value propositions and strategic partnerships.

Phase 2: Listen to Teams and Map the Organization

Causeit conducts interviews and other intake activities to understand the context of the team and identify areas to focus on; the team has the experience of being listened to deeply and getting their questions answered about how the culture design process will affect them.

Phase 3: Engage the Teams in Alignment and Design

Teams work with Causeit to co-create a vision, mission, workable organizational systems, strategic plan and structures for fulfillment in a combination of sprints, 1:1 sessions, and retreats. Most importantly, the team commits to practicing alignment as a new way of working together.

Phase 4: Build Living Systems for Collaboration and Strategic Direction

The new systems and structures which were co-designed by the team are now built out and deployed. This phase often includes documenting existing systems, creating guidelines for decision-making at the edge of the organization, and introduction or evolution of shared knowledge-management and project management systems.

Phase 5: Practice

Ongoing coaching and consulting sessions focus on building internal leadership capacity and skill. Causeit helps teams apply new mindsets and approaches to daily work and professional development. The Causeit team also continues to gather feedback during this transitional phase, incorporating it into executive coaching sessions and company systems.